​Soma Neuromuscular Integration® and Somassage® Bodywork

Kristen Hart, Licensed Massage Practitioner and Certified Soma Practitioner
Soma bodywork is deep tissue therapy that focuses primarily on the connective tissue in the body with the goal of aligning the body in the field of gravity.
SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®


Relieves Pain - Increases joint and muscle mobility and breaks up scar tissue.  Has been affective in treating: sports injuries, auto injuries, pain from chronic overuse, Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, TMJ


Improves Posture - Removes compensations created by movement patterns and removes adhesions causing binding in the tissue or joints, allowing the body to support itself from within through it's natural tension and compression system.


Improves Function - The body functions more efficiently making it less susceptible to disease and injury.  Optimizes the body for athletic performance.  Aides in calming psychological struggles such as depression, low self esteem, ADD

Increases Awareness -  Brings awareness into the body.  Helps make connections between movement patterns and structure.  Improves confidence and self esteem. 

"Kristen has an intuitive way of knowing exactly where to work to relieve my pain... She's helped tremendously with all my aches and pains....  Go see Kristen, your body will thank you!"  M.D.

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