About SOMA

SOMA is a form of Structural Integration that focuses on connective tissues (fascia) in the body.  Forming a continuous interconnected system, connective tissue is the most prevalent component in the human body.  Connecting skin to underlying tissues, weaving through and encapsulating muscle, connecting muscle to bone, encompassing joints, separating organs; connective tissue essentially holds everything together. 

Often though, this fascia can get bound up, making it impossible for individual elements in the body to move independently.  This is often what leads to pain, limited mobility, poor posture and injury.  

SOMA is a manual touch therapy that specifically works to separate the elements of the body so they have the capability of serving their specific function.  The SOMA series is classically constructed as a series of 11 sessions systematically designed to release each segment of the body and then to reintegrate it back into a whole thriving unit.   See the focus of each of the sessions here.


SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® formally began in 1977 by Bill Williams, PhD. and Ellen Gregory-Williams Ph.D. 

Bill had studied Structural Integration with Ida Rolf, the developer of 10 session series and founder of the Rolf Institute in 1971.  In 1977 Dr. Rolf gave Bill her blessing to leave the institute to begin a unique form of Structural Integration that stays true to the 10 session series while additionally integrating the mind body connection.  SOMA continues to be a form of Structural Integration that recognizes the body, mind and spirit works together to make a whole.

In 1986 Karen L. Bolesky M.A., L.M.H.C., L.M.P. took over the SOMA Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® and continues to teach and develop the work today in Buckley WA. 

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