60 Minute Somassage® -  $90

Beneficial for a quick body tune up or focus on a spcific injury. 


1.5 Hour Somassage® -  $135

In a 1.5 hour Somassage® we are able to get deeper and spend more time balancing the structure.  A person leaves a 1.5 hour Somassage feeling greater suspension through the body, ease in movement and more energetic.  The 1.5 hour Somassage is perfect for athletes working through injuries or focusing on injury prevention.


SOMA Series Session or 2 Hour Somassage - $180

In the SOMA Series specific technique and goals are outlined for each session.  The series is 11 sessions and designed to relieve compensations created by physical or emotional imbalance, consistent nagging injuries, poor posture, restricted joint movement or general body discomfort.  The series work changes the alignment of the body structure and the changes obtained through the series hold.   

Please Note: Hart Bodywork does not bill directly for standard health insurance coverage.

An “insurance friendly” receipt will be provided upon request to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

New Client Forms


After you have secured your appointment you will then need to download the Consent Form and Health History Form below.
Please have them filled out in full prior to your visit and bring to your appointment.